This morning I am in utter disgust. I am truly appalled by other vendors. I have met some AMAZINGLY talented people along the way but there are always the sleazeballs! I have been fortunate enough to have the highly sensitive radar to bullshit from gross humans and I make the choice daily to ONLY work with people of high integrity and who ooze a strong and beautiful work ethic. I KNOW that I do more than most and go far above and beyond anyone's expectation of me, that is just who I am to the core. However, there are so many people who do not! They will do no more than what is written on their "contract." I take pride in helping EVERYONE, my client or not just because I LOVE what I do and I am living my dream!!!

     The BIGGEST beware is to all of the brides out there who are so trusting... I want to offer a piece of advice and a piece of insight... DO YOUR RESEARCH!!! Check out reviews. Look at every social media you can find to get a GOOD look at who you are working with. Don't be scared to ask people how their experience was working with that said vendor. And DON'T, and I mean DON'T go off a "Preferred Vendor" list from a venue. Just because they are preferred, doesn't mean they are good. In SOME cases it means they PAID to get on the list!!! (vomit)

     I love what I do and I will never stop. I will never stop bending over backwards to make sure EVERY bride gets the wedding they deserve! Just BEWARE!!! Not everyone is in this for the right reasons. This short rant is my attempt to shelter the innocent bride who is just looking to ensure that their dream wedding becomes more than they could have ever imagined!